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Take steps to protect yourself

Toll fraud is an ongoing risk for business customers, where businesses are billed for long distance calls made fraudulently through their business Voicemail equipment.

The activity involves experienced fraudsters accessing vulnerable business Voicemail equipment via system option prompts that eventually permit the user to place long distance calls.

Fraudsters most often call a business after-hours and use its automated answering system to troll for vulnerable mailboxes. Experienced fraudsters recognize the equipment they are calling by its prompts and know the equipment's default passwords, allowing them access to mailboxes with unchanged passwords (or try guessing at simple passwords such as 1234 and 1111).

It is imperative for you to protect yourself against this type of fraudulent activity by ensuring your Voicemail equipment is safeguarded and your employees are educated about password security.

Here is what you can do to increase protections for your business:

Possible features and recommendations that customers should be aware of relating to their specific system and toll fraud:

PBX Voicemail
  • Redirect inbound calls via Auto Attendant to external numbers such as answering services etc.
  • Restrict or control Voicemail revert (0) – thru dialling to pagers and cells
  • Restrict or control Voicemail Remote Notification to pagers and cells
  • If available, use Desktop messaging or Remote Notification to email to notify of voicemail messages
  • End users forced to change mailbox access passwords on a regular basis
  • End users password minimum length is set to a minimum of 6 digits
  • Removal of any unused mailboxes
  • Restriction and permission lists to restrict outbound access where required

  • All Systems The above security measures are of a general nature and might not protect every aspect of an individual telephone system. We encourage you to contact your equipment support provider to discuss the unique aspects and vulnerabilities of your telephone equipment in greater detail. Remember that you are solely responsible and liable for paying for all calls originating from or passing through your telecommunications systems, equipment or accounts, and long distance charged calls or operator assisted calls, regardless of who made or accepted them.

    Thank you for using Bell.

    Note: Bell Canada’s Unregulated Terms of Service – Voice and Internet pertaining to long distance calls can be found at Terms of Service (see esp. Articles 7 and 22).

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