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Business Fibe TV

With Business Fibe TV, installing and moving your TV has never been easier. With our Whole Business PVR, you can play, pause and resume all your Fibe TV content and recordings (on up to 6 TV’s) with just the one PVR. And only Business Fibe TV gives you access to popular apps like Twitter, The Weather Network, TSN Xtra and Galaxie music right on your TV.

TV for bars and restaurants

Keep your bar or restaurant buzzing with reliable live coverage of the most popular sporting events, plus music to set just the right mood. Our all-star lineup of HD sports and commercial-free music will help bring patrons back night after night.


TV for waiting rooms and employee lounges

Create a lounge area that’s relaxing and engaging. Your customers can watch entertaining programming instead of the clock and employees can unwind during breaks. With a wide variety of theme packs to choose from, you’ll find something just right for your customers or employees.


TV for sports and fitness centres

Help your members exercise their minds and not just their bodies. With our rich variety of programming and HD content, you can provide an informative and entertaining atmosphere for customers’ workouts and for socializing after the game.


TV for hotels and resorts

Provide guests with the best in television entertainment. Our wide variety of reliable programming choices will be tailored to your clientele. Plus, it’s now simpler and more affordable than ever to offer HD in every room.

TV for work camps and student housing

Want to provide your residents with some of the comforts of home? Engaging entertainment is a welcome diversion at the end of a hard day’s work. Our high-quality programming will help students and workers unwind and keep morale high.

More Television from Bell:

TV for health care and assisted living facilities

Help your patients and residents experience more of what the world has to offer. With information and entertainment that can open their eyes and engage their minds, our programming can help create an uplifting environment.

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