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Long Distance

With no dropped calls and clear reception, you can talk with the people you need to, whenever you want, where ever they are. Bell’s flexible rate plans let you stay accessible while managing the communications costs that come with running your business.

You can get:

  • Flat rate or pay-per-minute plans
  • International and Canada / U.S. plans
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Calling cards for business travel
  • 24/7 support



To help you better control your costs, Bell offers you flat, predictable monthly rate and per-minute plans on your Canada / U.S. calls¹.

LD Pak300

  • Pricing: 10.95/MO
  • Minutes: 300 (3.3¢/min)
  • Additional minutes:7¢/min
Per-minute pricing is also available. Please contact a Bell representative for more information.

Get extra-low rates on calls all over the world so you can do business anywhere, anytime. You can also combine your international plan with a Canada / U.S. long distance plan for worldwide calling.

Available to business customers in Ontario and Québec, where technology permits. In certain areas, monthly rate is CRTC-regulated and may vary. Subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. (1) Long distance applies to direct-dialled calls to Canada and the continental U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. Applies to outbound calls; excluding toll-free calls. Calls to certain conference or adult services or to high-cost areas may be restricted, and subject to other use restrictions in Terms of Service; see 7¢/additional min. Long distance price includes network charge of $9.95/mo. and applies to each billing telephone number.

A toll-free number makes it easy for your customers to get in touch with you where ever you are.

Let all your Canada / U.S.¹ customers reach you with toll-free calling and faxing. You can even specify which geographic areas you want to cover with your 800 numbers.

Be accessible to more international customers with toll-free calling and faxing. Bell's international Toll-free service covers over 65 countries and works with international telephone administrators who provide directory assistance to your customers.

You can:

  • Use the same toll-free number for all participating countries*
  • Communicate inexpensively with your business travelers and international branch offices
  • Test international markets with minimal expense

    *(Global toll-free only)

A great way for businesses that use our long distance services to handle virtually any on-the-road communications requirements.

  • Calls may be placed from Canada, the US and approximately 130 overseas destinations
  • Local calls may be made from Bell payphones
  • Calls billed in Canadian dollars at your toll plan rate
  • Customer and operator support available 24/7
Contact us
  • Call us at 310-BELL
  • Call me back
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