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Phone Service

What do you want from your business line? It’s a critical part of any operation, so Bell lets you select the phone service package with features that work for you. Choose from traditional options like voice mail and call display to more advanced features that let you harness the latest in communications technology.

You can get:

  • Reliable, high-quality phone service
  • A dial tone during extended power outages at your workplace
  • The fastest installation and repair options
  • Listings in Yellow Pages and White Pages directories
  • 24/7 support


Save up to $20/mo.

Save up to $20/mo.

Includes 1000 long distance minutes

Phone line with 8 calling features, including:

• Voicemail
• Call display
• Call forwarding
• Call waiting
• Speed call
• Last number redial
• Call Blocking
• Hold

Additional phone lines

Need more than one phone line?

Contact a representative today to learn more about getting additional phone lines.


For the first 6 months.

Business Bundles
• Business Fibe Internet with unlimited usage
• Business Phone Line with calling features
• Canada / U.S. long distance plan
• Online security protection and modem with Wi-Fi capabilities
• Add Business TV to your bundle

Learn more about Business Bundles

A basic business line is ideal for customers who need a single connection for phone, fax, point of sale or alarm system.

With this plan you can:

  • Choose only the calling features you want
  • Select a contract length that's right for you
  • Get repairs completed by the end of the next business day

This simple cost-effective bundle offers a full suite of features that can help you meet your clients needs.

With this value plan you'll get:

  • Seven of the most popular features for business such as Call Display and Line Hunting.
  • An optional discounted fax line
  • Professional Installation
  • Repairs completed by the end of the next business day

Megalink is a connection to the PSTN network for your PBX, where each single connection provides you with the equivalent of 23 phone lines. It is a cost-effective solution for businesses with PBX systems that handle a large volume of calls, including call centres or companies with multiple locations. Megalink offers many features for PBX applications such as the ability to purchase and assign Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers for your employees.

With Megalink, you will:

  • Get significant savings as compared to using multiple Basic Business or Local Link lines
  • Enjoy clear, digital transmission for voice and data communications
  • Protect the reliability of your network with several back-up configuration options

Basic Business

Local Link




Long Distance


1000 minutes

Call Display (Name and Number)



Call Forwarding



Call Waiting


Incl Package A

Conference Calling/Call Transfer


3 way

Line Hunting


Incl Package B

Visual Call Waiting



Voicemail/Call Answer


Save $12/MO.

Business Voice Dialing







Auto Attendant



Simultaneous Ring



Secondary Number



Call Return/Last Number Redial (*69)



Mobile Integration



Online Web Portal



Remote Office



Voicemail to Email



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