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Business Internet Fax

Send and receive faxes by email anywhere in Canada and the United States. Since you don’t need paper, toner or hardware, it costs much less than traditional faxing. Since it works wherever you can connect to the Internet, you can send and receive faxes anywhere your business takes you.

You can get:

  • A secure way to fax even the most confidential documents.
  • A personal toll-free fax number for your clients to fax you.
  • All of your incoming faxes are received by email and archived for 365 days in a searchable Web tool.
  • Faxes in PDF or TIFF format, allowing for easy storage and back up.
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With Business Internet Fax send and receive up to 300 fax pages per month.


When you prepay for 1 year,
save 20%

Business Internet Fax plans:

Monthly price

Yearly price (prepaid*)

Additional pages

Fax 300


  $124.70* SAVINGS
of $31.18

$0.12 per fax page

Fax 1000


  $287.90* SAVINGS
of $71.98

$0.12 per fax page

* This pricing is available exclusively through the Web site.

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