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Online Bill Manager

Online Bill Manager is a free online business tool that provides a secure central view of your Bell billing statements*. Online Bill Manager is an environmentally friendly billing option that can simplify your monthly bill payment process with pre-authorized payment options, automated email billing notification and 24/7 access to all of your statement information.


Online Bill Manager

Bill Management made easy and environmentally friendly.

Ensure your monthly Bell bills are paid according to your schedule using Online Bill Manager's pre-authorized credit card or debit payment options.

Secure 24/7 access to all of your billing information via any PC with an Internet connection. No more waiting for bills. Access your most recent billing information as soon as it becomes available.

Schedule reports to run at intervals that suit your requirements - weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Email notifications alert you of new bills, detailed data or scheduled reports that are ready to view and download.

Gain insight and better control over your spending with Online Bill Manager reports. Analyze your calling patterns and billing details to better predict and manage budgets, quickly monitor employee usage, and review equipment costs.

Save hours each month by customizing reports and paying bills online. Create custom reports to perform complex data mining and analysis. View, organize and export detailed or summary data in XML, CSV or PDF formats.

Cost allocation is simplified through customized hierarchies, where you can assign costs by office location, department, employee or cost centre and upload this information directly into your internal accounting program.

Online Bill Manager provides access to the most up to date billing information available, which can be printed when you need it. Online Bill Manager gives you the option to cancel receipt of your Bell bills via paper mail. Why bother cluttering up your office with unnecessary paper bills?

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