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How do I enable ICMP to ping modem or computer with the 6300 and 6520 modems?

Step 1: Open your Internet browser and enter to log in to the Bell modem.

Step 2: Enter the modem's username and password.

Step 3: Click the Advanced icon on the top and then click the Applications icon on the bottom left.

Step 4: Click the Port Mapping Setup icon to see a table of all existing port forwarding rules.

Step 5: Scroll down and choose ICMP from the dropdown list labelled Select Protocol Leave the port boxes beside them empty.

Step 6: Select the option labelled Redirect the following protocol/application to IP address and then enter the private IP address of the computer you want to ping, or enter the gateway's IP if you wish to ping the router (default is

Step 7: Click the yellow Apply button on the bottom and ensure that the ICMP rule has been added to the table.