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  1. What is a website database?
  2. What is the Database Manager?
  3. What is ASP?
  4. How can I install FrontPage Extensions?
  5. How can I switch between versions of PHP Manager with Bellhosting.ca?
  6. How long does it take for the extensions to install on the system?
  7. What is the unlock tab for?
  8. Can I enable ASP and ASP.NET at the same time on one domain?
  9. Can I enable CF and CFMX at the same time on one domain?
  10. I'm trying to enable ASP/ASP.net/CF/CFMX under the secure SSL but it won't let me!
  11. Are custom CF tags supported?
  12. How do I build a website?
  13. Do I need prior experience to build a website?
  14. How do I upload my website?
  15. I have uploaded my web content, but it is not displaying on the web.
  16. Can I have Bell build my site for me?
  17. How do I transfer my website to Bell?
  18. Can I import my EasySiteWizard 6 Site into EasySiteWizard 7 Professional?
  19. Are the same templates available from EasySiteWizard 6 into EasySiteWizard 7 Professional?
  20. Are there any spell checking capabilities?
  21. Can I preview my site before publishing?
  22. Is there a limit to the number of pages I can have on my site?
  23. Can I upload my own images to use on my site?
  24. Why can I not move certain elements of a template around freely?
  25. Can I undo changes that I have made through the site editor?
  26. I have modified my template extensively, however I am not content with the outcome; can I reset the design template back to original state?
  27. Can I create a form on my Web site?
  28. I created my site using another template and I want to change the template without losing content. Can this be done?
  29. Why am I unable to edit the HTML in EasysiteWizard 7 Professional?
  30. What is Site Checker?
  31. Is there a limit to the number of images that I can download in Advanced Template Manager?
  32. Is there a limit to the number of designer templates that I can download with Advanced Template Manager?
  33. Is there a limit to the number of basic templates that I can download in Advanced Template Manager?
  34. What software is needed to use these templates?
  35. What if I need a new copy of the template that I downloaded for Advanced Template Manager?
  36. The transfer of your web site files to Bell can be accomplished in a few easy steps:
  37. Can I send email from my website?
  38. How can I communicate to customers on my website?
  39. How do I setup a blog?
  40. Can I upload music and videos to my site?
  41. What is a domain name?
  42. Do I need a domain name?
  43. How can I get a domain name?
  44. How can I transfer my domain name registration to Bell? Is this the same as transferring my website?
  45. How long can I have a domain name for?
  46. Can I register a domain name without ordering web hosting services? What is a parked domain?
  47. I have just bought a domain, but it is not displaying yet.
  48. How do I setup an email account on my computer?
  49. Can I have multiple email accounts with my Web Shared hosting plan?
  50. Can I have multiple email addresses go to one email address?
  51. What if an email is sent to an email address at my domain but I have not created that email address?
  52. Can I access my email remotely?
  53. Why can I not send email?
  54. Why can I not receive email?
  55. What does Spam Filtering do?
  56. How Can I Avoid Spam?
  57. What is Disk usage?
  58. Will disk usage also include junk mail folders for my email?
  59. How much disk space do I have for my email?
  60. How do I increase my email disk space?
  61. Are my shared contact lists only available in WebMail 4.0 or will I be able to use the same contact list with other email clients like Outlook, Thunder Bird etc ?
  62. I do not wish to view shared contact list, am I able to hide this feature?
  63. How am I able to differentiate between my contact list and the shared contact list?
  64. Can I remove a shared contact on my list if I didn't create it?
  65. When I share a contact am I able to specify who has access to the contact?
  66. How do I view a shared calendar?
  67. How do I share my calendar?
  68. I want to share my calendar with specific people. Is this possible?
  69. A shared calendar was in my calendar list, but it is no longer listed what has happened?
  70. When I click on all the boxes next to each calendar, how do I know which one I am viewing?
  71. How do I share my notes and tasks?
  72. How many notes & tasks can I make?
  73. Once I have completed a task, do I have to manually move it into complete?
  74. What is SyncJe?
  75. How can I manage my website and files?
  76. Where do I login to my control panel?
  77. I cannot remember my account password
  78. Which scripting languages do you support?
  79. How do I upload files to my web space?
  80. Can I view the files that are seen in the Disk Usage tool display?
  1. Why doesn't the Total Usage value correspond with the Disk Space value in Account Information?
  2. Where can I view my Total Disk Usage calculations?
  3. Can I alter the directories from Disk Usage?
  4. Are the Disk Usage Stats calculated in real time?
  5. How do I create or rename a Database Password?
  6. What is the maximum character limit for database usernames?
  7. Do I have to use the database manager to administer to my database?
  8. How can I import my data using Database manager?
  9. Is there any length limitation when creating usernames for FTP Manager?
  10. Can the username in FTP Manager contain special characters?
  11. Can we have two users with the same username but different passwords in the FTP Manager?
  12. How do I connect to the anonymous account in FTP Manager?
  13. Why do I receive "550 permission error" when logging using FTP Manger's anonymous account?
  14. Can users upload using the FTP Manager's anonymous account?
  15. What is PHP Manager?
  16. Do I have to switch to PHP 5?
  17. I have switched to PHP 5 but I liked PHP 4 better, can I switch back?
  18. How often can I switch from PHP 4 to 5?
  19. How long doe it take for PHP Manager to switch to PHP 4 / PHP5?
  20. What hosting package is best for me?
  21. How do I get my site on search engines?
  22. What are the benefits of promoting my site?
  23. I used site promoter to promote my site, but still cannot find my domain on Google or Yahoo, etc.
  24. How do I insert key words (or Meta tags)?
  25. I searched for my domain on Google, and it is not at the top.
  26. What is EasySiteOptimizer?
  27. With EasySiteOptimizer am I only allowed to have 15 keywords on my site?
  28. Can I use phrases instead of single words when setting up my Keywords on my site?
  29. There is an option to "Save these keywords on my index page". If this is not selected where are the keywords saved to?
  30. When I go to save my keywords and I select "Save these keywords on my index page", I get an error message saying that existing META tags are on the page. What should I do?
  31. What are sitemaps? How do they work?
  32. When I download the Google sitemap, why do I have to upload it to the public directory on my site?
  33. What are META TAGs?
  34. My webpage already has existing META TAGS, can I still use EasySiteOptimizer? Will my existing META TAGS be overwritten?
  35. Does EasySiteOptimizer work with Flash-based content?
  36. My webpage is created with frames; will EasySiteOptimizer work on my site?
  37. In the reports section, what exactly is it reporting? And where is EasySiteOptimizer pulling information from?
  38. The Reports are generated on a monthly basis; does this mean Calendar month or the start day of when I utilized EasySiteOptimizer?
  39. Can I only submit my domain once to search engines?
  40. When I submit my site using EasySiteOptimizer, how will the search engines notify me that my submission(s) were accepted?
  41. Does EasySiteOptimizer work with EasySiteWizard Pro sites or EasySiteWizard 6?
  42. How can I increase the overall rating of my site through the EasySiteOptimizer application?
  43. Can I use the EasySiteOptimizer as a HTML editor?
  44. What is Site Promoter?
  45. What search engines does Site Promoter submit the requests to?
  46. How do search engine's work?
  47. The search engine I want to submit my site to is not listed. How can I submit my site to my search engine of choice?
  48. I've read the help files and they mention a "MetaWiz" application to create meta-tag data. This is not appearing. Why?
  49. I used a .htaccess file to change PHP scripts to execute from the .xyz extension, Site Promoter is now not working. Why?
  50. I submitted my site several weeks ago, why isn't my site listed on any search engines yet?
  51. Is my website secure with Bell?
  52. How do I know my website is secure?
  53. How can I protect my customer information?
  54. How secure is SSL?
  55. Can I put passwords on specific folders on my site?
  56. What tool or applications are available with my Web site hosting plan to sell my products online?
  57. What do I need in order to sell my products online?
  58. Where do I find a Payment Gateway?
  59. Is selling online secure?
  60. What is a merchant gateway (or payment gateway)?
  61. What WSH applications allow me to sell my products internationally?
  62. What is EasyStoreMaker Pro?
  63. What are the differences between EasyStoreMaker and EasyStoreMaker Pro?
  64. Can I sell my products in 2 currencies (US and Canadian dollar)?
  65. How can I link to a product directly, in EasyStoreMaker Pro, rather than link to the store front?
  66. What should I do to setup a Catalog?
  67. What is a Products SKU number?
  68. Can I customize the 'look and feel' of the store?
  69. I am thinking of migrating to EasyStoreMaker Pro – can I use my existing store from EasyStoreMaker?
  70. Why do I need a catalog if I only sell one product?
  71. Why do my images look out of proportion?

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