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Online Bill Manager Consulting from Bell

OBM consulting service

Online Bill Manager Consulting from Bell allows you to take full advantage of the benefits that OBM has to offer. Whether it's a one-time consultation or ongoing support, this fee-based service provides you with advice and instruction tailored to your unique business needs.

Take advantage of OBM Consulting services to ensure OBM provides the maximum benefit to your business.



Start-up consulting package

Let Bell get you started on OBM with our dedicated consulting service.

Start-up consulting package includes:
  • » Account Registration - Register up to 5 billing telephone numbers
  • » Basic set-up - including payment schedules and automated call usage reports
  • » Training on OBM applications

A Bell OBM specialist will save you time by setting up your account, registering your bills online and even establishing a pre-authorized payment schedule. With up to an hour of personalized training you will receive a detailed outline of tool instruction on how it can address all your billing needs as well as basic report set-up.

With OBM Consulting start-up package you can begin to benefit from OBM right away.

Advanced consulting

For OBM users with more advanced needs, our specialists will work with you to understand your unique billing requirements and develop the most appropriate OBM solution to meet them.

OBM advanced consulting offers expert advice and customized services such as:
  • » Advanced set-up - optimum configuration of OBM including development of cost allocation hierarchies to match the structure of your organization
  • » Customized training - personalized training programs and demonstrations to meet your unique business requirements
  • » Reporting - one-time or ongoing assistance to design and generate custom reports

Pay-Per-Call Consulting

For users that need quick assistance with basic OBM tasks or don't have time to perform them by themselves. Let our experts take them off your hands.

Get immediate professional assistance by calling 1 866 521-2355.

À-la-carte services available through our call center include:
  • » Account Registration
    $20 for the first account and $10 for each additional account (Open up to 5 billing accounts)
  • » Set-up of Automatic Online Payments
    $20 per account
  • » One-Time Online Payments
    $20 per payment
  • » Password reset
    $10 per reset


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1 866 521-2355 (Ontario and Québec)