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Beat online fraud – before it beats you

Efficient tips on how to protect your business from online threats

Your business may not be prepared to combat online fraud. According to a recent Statistics Canada report, 82% of Canadian businesses use the Internet in order to deliver more efficient services and to increase productivity. However, many companies don't take the right precautions to protect their computers, data systems and other IT equipment from the growing threat of fraud and online attacks.

And that can be disastrous, because when a business is the target of an attack, files can be wiped out and/or compromised. As a result, productivity is hampered, and revenue is lost. In Canada alone, business disruptions due to online attacks cost nearly $20 billion a year in productivity1. As for small businesses, well over half were reported to have experienced one or more security incidents in 20062.

Since March is Fraud Prevention Month, – now is the time for businesses to re-evaluate their business operations and ensure they are armed to offset fraudulent attacks.

Implementing effective software is essential to help a business avoid financial repercussions due to fraud, and to sustain efficiency. Here's what you can do to protect your business.

Nip viruses in the bud

Microsoft reports that 62% of PCs are infected with a virus, which can ultimately shut down an entire network, and impact productivity and revenue. Investing in anti-virus software is the best way to keep your computer files protected, by scanning computers and removing viruses. You can get anti-virus software from Bell and take the first easy step in keeping your computer files protected.

Build a Firewall

Unwanted intruders can get access to your proprietary files through the Internet or your internal network. These files can contain confidential customer information. Such fraudsters aren't always immediately recognizable, as they often send emails that appear legitimate. The danger is these emails prompt users to enter banking and other critical information on another site. This is called "Phishing" and it's a growing problem – over 28,000 incidents of phishing were recorded globally during the month of November 20073.

Firewalls, also available from Bell, is software that inspects network traffic that can help deny these intruders, thereby keeping files and critical information safe. It's like locking the back door on your business.

Watch out for spies

According to Microsoft, 50% of Internet crashes are caused by spyware, a software that can intercept a person's use of a computer without their consent. It is often surreptitiously installed on computers, enabling strangers to access personal information, redirect Web browser activity and even divert ad revenue to a third party. It can also slow down your computer, eroding your efficiency. There is a simple solution: anti-spyware software, which removes or blocks spyware.

Put your files in the vault

While 66% of computer users experience data loss due to theft, computer failure and viruses, according to the NCSA4, few have any means of backup. Backing up your files is like storing your valuables in a safe. Business Vault from Bell allows you to upload and store information using a Web browser.

With Business Vault, files are backed up remotely, so there is no chance of loss due to fire, theft or damage. Available whenever and wherever you need them and easily accessible via the Internet, these files are automatically backed up once the service is set up. And, not only is it a hassle-free process, it's also possible to increase your bandwidth as your company grows.

End-to-end solution

Viruses, intruders, spies, loss – want to curb all these potential hazards at once? Bell Business Internet Security Pack provides end-to-end protection from fraudulent activity. It includes Internet Security, Business Vault, which can be purchased as a standalone item, and Performance, a diagnostic repair tool to optimize your computer's performance.


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