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Athlete deliverables

By registering for the program, you agree to do ONE of the following obligations:

You agree to participate in Bell Let’s Talk Day, a yearly initiative to raise awareness in Canada in connection with mental health by creating a post with the required hashtags or sharing the official Bell Let’s Talk Day content piece on your publicly accessible personal social channels on Bell Let’s Talk Day in January. Your post must include the following hashtag: #BellLet’sTalk. Additional instructions on participation will be shared annually by email.


You agree to post once a year on one of your publicly accessible personal social channels about the Bell Athletes Connect program and how it has helped you with your sporting career. Your post must include the following hashtag: #BellAthletesConnect. Additional instructions on participation will be shared annually by email.

You must enter at least one social media handle.

You agree to create your own 15- to 30-second video on the Program and send it to Bell, once a year. The video will be used by Bell in relation to the Program, as part of a group creative to tell the whole story about Team Canada.

Bell Mobility information

The following information will help us set up or transfer your Bell Mobility service.

As a participant in the Bell Athletes Connect program, you have 2 options to choose from:
Option 1: receive a new SIM card and Samsung smartphone courtesy of Bell and Samsung to use while on the program.
Option 2: receive a new SIM card to use with your current smartphone.

Per the program policy, complimentary smartphones are only available at the time of registration. If you decline the smartphone now, you won’t be able to get one later.

Smartphone model: The program currently offers the Samsung Galaxy S23+. Limited inventory available at this time. If it becomes unavailable, a different but comparable Samsung smartphone will be sent to you.

e.g., 1234565678
Your Bell Mobility account will be transferred to the Bell Athletes Connect program. If the account is not in your name, please have the account holder call 1 866 828-0343 to authorize the transfer. The account holder will need to have your mobile number handy when they call.

You will receive a Bell SIM card that you can use with the mobile phone of your choice. Please note that it must be a Bell Mobility phone or other compatible unlocked phone.

If you would like to transfer a phone number from another service provider, please call 1 866 828-0343 once you receive your welcome kit. Only active numbers can be transferred, so don't cancel your current service.
e.g., 1234565678
If you would like a new phone number, please tell us the area code you prefer.

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Opt-out option:

If at any point you do not wish to perform either of the above Obligations, you can notify Bell by emailing . In such an event, your phone plan will be terminated. If you have been on the Program for less than two years, and if you received a phone from Bell in connection with the Program, you will need to return it within 60 days. Upon reception of the phone by Bell, all obligations will be terminated.

Program agreement