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Rate plans

Basic Phone Share plan

300 Shareable local minutes

+ Unlimited local evenings (6pm - 7am) & weekends (6pm Fri - 7am Mon)

All plans includes:

  • Call Display and Message Centre1
  • Unlimited Nationwide Text, Picture & Video Messaging2
  • Call Waiting and Conference Calling3

Additional plan information

The Voice Share 30 plan cannot share data

Current as of August 1, 2016. Available to qualified businesses. Available with compatible devices, within network coverage areas available from Bell Mobility and its partners' network coverage areas where technology permits. Services subject to acceptable use restrictions including consuming excessive network capacity or causing our network to be adversely affected. See Long distance and roaming charges (including foreign taxes) may apply outside your local area. Airtime charges (and long distance charges, if applicable) apply (a) for calls made, from the time you press “Send” until you press “End” or otherwise disconnect your call; and (b) for calls you receive, from the moment the calling party initiates the call, including ring time, until you press “End” or otherwise disconnect the call. Data charges apply if you do not subscribe to a data plan or Mobile Browser; fees may apply for features, content and roaming when outside your local area. Upon early termination, price adjustment charges apply; see your Service Agreement for details. Subject to change without notice; not combinable with other offers. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply.

(1) 25, 5-minute messages.

(2) Sent messages include text messages sent to a Canadian phone number while in Canada and excludes text messages sent to a U.S. or International phone number, premium messages, alerts, messages sent with a messaging application and roaming (international GSM, CDMA and U.S. CDMA messages). Received messages include text messages received while in Canada and excludes roaming, premium messages, alerts or dial-up messages received from a messaging application. Out of bundle charges may apply. Data usage charges may apply with select CDMA smartphones to send and receive picture and video messages.

(3) Simultaneous use of airtime for calls.