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Take your TV viewing to new heights with 4K.

Jaw-dropping picture quality

With 4x the detail of Full HD, it's the very best picture quality available.

Immersive experience

A TV experience that is so realistic that you will think you are there.

Cutting-edge technology

The best picture quality is powered by Bell's fibre network.

A growing library of gorgeous 4K content

A select number of TV networks and movie studios offer content in 4K today. As more becomes available, Bell customers will enjoy a growing library. Discover below what you can already watch in 4K, such as select live sports, movies and on demand shows.

Sports in 4K

Watch baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer and more in 4K.

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Movies in 4K

Select movies are now available on demand, including some that were nominated for Oscars™ and other prestigious awards.

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Shows in 4K

TV1 brings you on demand shows that draw you into a vibrant viewing experience, only from Bell.

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Netflix in 4K

Watch popular content like Extraction directly on your Fibe TV 4K receiver.1

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Prime Video in 4K

Access your favourite Prime Video movies and shows through your 4K PVR.1

The best 4K receiver




& Sleek design


4K recordings

Get the most out of your 4K TV with the best 4K receiver. Our 4K Whole Home PVR offers a recording capacity of up to 150 hours in 4K or up to 320 hours in HD.2

Plus, its sleek and compact design makes it the smallest receiver on the market.

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Bluetooth® Slim remote

The Bluetooth remote allows you to control your TV service without having direct line of sight with the 4K Whole Home PVR.

What you need to get started with 4K

Our 4K receiver

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4K programming

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