Your guide to making the switch.

The switch

Changing to your new Pixel in three simple steps.

Just connect, sign in, and transfer.



Connect your old phone to your new Pixel with the Quick Switch Adapter.

Over 35 thousand

Sign in

Sign in to your Google Account or create a new one.

Number one


Choose what you want to move, sit back, and let Pixel do the work.

It’s easy to switch over.

You’ll need the Quick Switch Adapter from the box plus your old phone’s USB charging cable. The Quick Switch Adapter will work with most iPhone and Android phones.

Tip: Your new Pixel should be already fully charged when you open the box, but make sure the battery is at least 50% charged.
Sign in
You’ll need a Google Account. Depending on your previous phone, here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • Switching from iPhone? Sign in to your Google Account. If you don’t already have one, you’ll be asked to create one (or you can sign up online).
  • Switching from Android? Your new Pixel should automatically sign you in to your Google Account, but if not, simply enter your password.
Tip: If you have a Google Account but are having trouble signing in, go to the account recovery page for help.
Once you’ve signed in to your Google Account, you can start transferring items that are stored on your old iPhone or Android phone (like photos, videos, contacts, text messages or iMessages*). For information on transferring other content and data that isn’t stored on your old phone, visit Google Customer Care.

The transfer should take about 15-20 minutes to complete, but may take longer if you have a lot to transfer.

Tip: You can continue finishing setup and exploring your new phone’s features while everything is transferring in the background.
* iMessage texts automatically transfer to your new Pixel. For information on transferring media from iMessage and other content (such as photos on iCloud, contacts and calendars on an external account like Yahoo! or Outlook, or apps downloaded from the Google Play Store), visit Google Customer Care.

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