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SIM cards

Bring your own phone and get on Canada’s best network.1

Monthly plans

  • Affordable plans for all your mobile needs
  • Choose unlimited or shareable data
  • All plans have unlimited talk and text

It’s easy to get one
  1. Choose the rate plan that suits your needs.
  2. Your activated SIM card will arrive right at your door. Simply insert it into your phone and you’re ready to go.

Prepaid plans

  • Ideal for light or infrequent use
  • Starting at just $7/mo.
  • Pick the voice and data options that suit your needs and budget

It’s easy to get one
  1. Order a SIM card for your phone.
  2. Your SIM card will arrive right at your door with information on how to activate it.

Already have a SIM card?

Monthly plans:

To activate your Bell SIM card, please call:

1 866 797-3941

Prepaid plans:

To activate your Bell SIM card, visit:

LTE Multi SIM card

What is a SIM card?

Your Bell SIM card connects your device to the Bell network. It contains your account information, phone number, contacts and text messages. Your SIM card remains active as long as you subscribe to Bell, so you can move it from one device to another whenever you like.

If you purchase a device from Bell, we provide you with a compatible SIM card. If you're bringing your own device to Bell, you'll need to purchase a SIM card.

Our SIM cards are compatible with 3G, 4G, LTE and LTE Advanced devices on the Bell 3G, 4G, LTE and LTE Advanced networks.2

Have a Dual SIM phone?

Some phones, like the iPhone and Google Pixel, have Dual SIM capabilities. Dual SIM provides the convenience of having two phone numbers on a single smartphone. For example, you can have separate personal and business numbers by adding a second line.

To activate a second line on your Dual SIM phone, simply call us at 1 888 466-2453, use our live chat, or visit us in store.

More about Dual SIM and compatible phones
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