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In order to be eligible to participate in the Program, you must fall within one of the following categories:

A) Senior National Team Member
You are an athlete or a competition partner (in compliance with the International Paralympic Committee regulations for athlete competition partners)
You are part of a Senior National Team for a Canadian National Sport Organization (NSO) member of the Canadian Olympic Committee or Canadian Paralympic Committee
You compete in a sport and event that is included on the official program of the next Olympic Games, Pan American Games, Paralympic Games and Para Pan American Games
You are currently competing at the at the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and/or Para Pan American levels
You are committed to train and compete for your NSO, representing Canada, for the upcoming year
B) Athlete Representative
To be considered an eligible athlete representative, you must be serving a term on the COC Athletes Commission or on the CPC Athlete Council.

To register for the program, you must also agree to participate in the one of the following promotional elements.


Option 1: Social media posts

You agree to participate in Bell Let’s Talk Day, a yearly initiative to raise awareness in Canada in connection with mental health.
You agree to post once a year on one of your publicly accessible personal social channels about the Bell Athletes Connect program and how it has helped you with your sporting career.
Option 2: Bell Athletes Connect video
You agree to create your own 15- to 30-second video on the Program and send it to Bell, once a year. The video will be used by Bell in relation to the Program, as part of a group creative to tell the whole story about Team Canada.
Bell Athletes Connect ambassador to support corporate functions, events, etc.

Full details are available when you proceed to the application/renewal form.

New applicants registration

If you’re new to Bell Athletes Connect, please register today.


"Being able to call my family and friends from anywhere in North America is priceless to me, and the inclusion of data is exactly what I need. To top it all off, the program costs me nothing. As a full-time athlete, this makes all the difference."

— Gabrielle Daleman, Figure Skating

“I’m grateful for the support from Bell Athletes Connect,
because I’m able to connect with my support system at home when I’m away for training or competitions”

— Nam Nguyen, Figure Skating