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Frequently asked questions

  1. Senior National Team Member
    • You are an athlete or a competition partner (in compliance with the International Paralympic Committee regulations for athlete competition partners)
    • You are part of a Senior National Team for a Canadian National Sport Organization (NSO) member of the Canadian Olympic Committee or Canadian Paralympic Committee
    • You compete in a sport and event that is included on the official program of the next Olympic Games, Pan American Games, Paralympic Games and Para Pan American Games
    • You are currently competing at the at the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and/or Para Pan American levels
    • You are committed to train and compete for your NSO, representing Canada, for the upcoming year
  2. Athlete Representative
    • To be considered an eligible athlete representative, you must be serving a term on the COC Athletes Commission or on the CPC Athlete Council.

Complete the application form. Once your program eligibility is verified, you will receive a confirmation email from the Canadian Olympic Committee outlining how to activate your new Bell Mobility account.

No. Once you are registered in the program, there is no need to reapply. As long as you remain eligible through your Canadian National Sport Federation (NSF) you will remain on the program.

No. Every member of the Bell Athletes Connect program is provided with the same rate plan.

The data allocation in your rate plan includes usage in Canada and the United States. For other countries, please call 1 866 828-0343 for roaming rates and other information. Before travelling, please call 1 866 828-0343 for roaming information, rates, and how to avoid unwanted charges. You can add all travel passes to your plan except the Roam Better options.

Unfortunately, no. The plan is only for eligible athletes that have met their Canadian National Sport Federation’s criteria.

Bell provides every new member of the program the opportunity to receive a new phone, free of charge. The model offered by Bell will be communicated after the Canadian Olympic Committee approves your application.

If you choose to decline the new phone when you first join the program, you have three options:
  1. Buy a phone outright (without signing a contract) from a Bell store.
  2. Use a Bell phone that you already have.
  3. Use an unlocked phone from another provider and transfer your number.

The Bell Athletes Connect program does not offer individual upgrades regardless of an account holder’s status with Bell Mobility.

If you’re already on a Bell Mobility contract when you join the program, you are responsible for the duration of that contract if you come off the program within that time period. Should you lose eligibility status and choose to cancel your plan, there may be cancellation fees as outlined in your signed contract.

Currently, hardware upgrades are not available on the Bell Athletes Connect program. If you wish to purchase a new phone, you can visit a Bell store and buy a phone outright (i.e., do not sign a contract or agreement).

Your Bell SIM card is what ties your account to the Bell Athletes Connect program. If you change phones during your time on the program, simply insert your SIM card in your new phone and go.

If your old SIM card does not fit, please send us an email to request a new SIM card.

If you’re already a Bell Mobility customer, you will keep your existing phone number. If you’re with another carrier, you will need to call Bell at 1 866 828-0343 after being activated on the Bell Athletes Connect program to transfer your phone number.

Once your Bell Athletes Connect account has been activated, if you would like to add data, airtime or other features to your rate plan, please call Bell at 1 866 828-0343

If you use more airtime minutes, text messages, data or long distance than what's included in your Bell Athletes Connect rate plan, you will be responsible for the usage overage costs. It is your responsibility to read and understand the overage fees associated with your plan.

The Bell Athletes Connect rate plan includes a specific amount of nationwide usage in Canada, plus a specific amount of roaming usage in the United States. Your account will carry roaming charges if used outside of Canada and the United States.

Before travelling, please call Bell at 1 866 828-0343 for roaming information, rates and how to avoid unwanted charges.

The allotted data in your rate plan includes usage in Canada and the United States. For other countries, please call 1 866 828-0343 for roaming rates and other information.

Please call the Bell Athletes Connect customer service line at 1 866 828-0343.

For more information about the application process or eligibility, please email the Canadian Olympic Committee.

"I've logged a lot of miles on the road in my long career, and while it's hard to be away from friends and family, Bell Athletes Connect has been right there to help me stay connected and to share my journey with them."

— Patrick Anderson, Wheelchair Basketball