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What do I need to know about the Deferral Account Rebate program?

About the Deferral Account Rebate program.

Q: What is the Deferral Account (or Home phone) Rebate program?

A: Bell will be returning to eligible home phone customers a portion of the funds that the CRTC directed our company to set aside for future use. The amount of the rebate is $67.41, and will be sent to customers in March 2011. The Commission approved the use of these funds, in part, to improve access to communications services for persons with disabilities and to extend broadband to customers in CRTC-approved rural and remote areas. The Commission also directed Bell to return any remaining funds to eligible home phone customers.

Q: How much is the rebate?

A: The rebate amount is $67.41 per eligible home phone line. All eligible customers are entitled to the rebate. However, customers choosing to add a new service or upgrade an existing service can benefit from a rebate of higher value.

Q: How will I receive my Deferral Account Rebate?

A: Eligible customers can choose one of following options:

  1. Promotional offers
    You could take advantage of a larger rebate, up to $100, starting now on select new Bell Mobility, Bell TV or Bell Internet services. Certain conditions apply. If you choose a promotional offer, you will not get a rebate cheque.
  2. Rebate cheque
    Cheques will be mailed in March 2011 for active, eligible accounts. Accounts past due or cancelled prior to March 2011 will have a credit applied to the customer's bill.

Q: What promotional offers may be available to me?

A: Instead of a rebate cheque, you may qualify for the following offers:

  • $100 promotional offer
    Get $100 off when you sign up for a new Bell Mobility activation or Bell TV subscription at a Bell or The Source store. You will need the coupon that was sent to you in a letter in November containing your unique coupon code. Certain conditions apply. See store for details.
  • $75 promotional offers
    1. Get $75 off when you sign up for a new Bell TV or Internet subscription by calling 1-866-778-5529.
    2. Get $75 off when you sign up for a new Bell Internet subscription at a Bell or The Source store.
    3. Starting in December, you can use the $75 rebate towards the upgrade of Bell TV hardware or Bell Internet speeds.

Certain conditions apply. Call 310-BELL to learn more.

Promotional offers expire January 31, 2011. Only one offer available per eligible home phone account. Customers taking advantage of any promotional offer specific to this program forfeit the right to the rebate cheque at the end of the program.

Eligibility details

Q: How do I know if I am eligible for the Deferral Account Rebate or promotion?

A: Eligible Bell Home phone customers received a confirmation letter in November 2010.

To be eligible for the Deferral Account Rebate, a customer must have had an active Bell Home phone account as of August 31, 2010 and the account must be held in an urban area. To qualify for a promotional offer, an account must also be in good standing.

Q: I have more than one phone line. How many rebates can I get?

A: Customers will receive a rebate for each eligible residential line

Offer redemption

Q: How can I find a Bell or The Source store?

A: Use the store locator to find a store near you.

Q: Can I use the coupon to upgrade my existing hardware or programming?

A: No. The $100 coupon is available for new account activations only. Upgrades to existing services will only be available in December and will have a total rebate value of $75. Certain conditions apply. See in-store or call 310-BELL after December 5th 2010, for details.

Q: Can I use any of the promotional rebate offers for a friend or family member?

A: No. The activation must be in your name, with your address and on your One Bill account.

Q: Can I use the coupon towards the installation of Bell TV at my cottage?

A: Yes, as long as it is on the same One Bill account as your Bell Home phone service

Q: How do I get a coupon code?

A: A 21-digit coupon code was provided to you by mail in November 2010. If you can't find your code, a store representative can look it up for you. Simply bring in your Bell bill and photo ID. If the code has not been used, you will be able to redeem your rebate.

Q: In which stores can I redeem my coupon?

A: Redeem your coupon at any Bell and The Source store.

More details

Q: Why am I not eligible for promotional offers?

A: The promotional offer was sent to customers who met the following criteria:

  • Had an active home phone account on record as of August 31, 2010.
  • Has not been treated for a past due account.
  • Had an active account in good standing between August 31, 2010 and the date by when the rebate must be paid out the following year.

Q: Can I get my cheque now?

A: Cheques will be issued in March 2011 to customers that have not taken advantage of any other promotional offers related to this rebate program.

Q: Why did I get a rebate credit on my bill?

A: You are entitled to the home phone rebate offer but we applied the rebate to your account because either:

  • You cancelled your residential local phone service between August 31, 2010 and the date by when the rebate must be paid out the following year.
  • Your account was past due so you were not entitled to the promotional offer.

Q: Why did I receive an automated call?

A: The call was to advise you that you are eligible for the home phone rebate and that it was automatically applied towards your account.

Q: Where can I contact the CRTC for more information?

A: You can visit their website for more information.

Q: I have lost my cheque.

A: Please call 310-BELL and we will investigate.