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Your business Internet solution

Build a new custom Internet solution that is right for your business

Just complete the steps below to get started.

If you need to set up new Internet accesses at more than one location or if you need to modify an existing connection, please call a representative at 310-BELL (2355).

Step 1: Check availability of services  

Check by:


Ex.: 905-555-1234. Please call 310-BELL if you do not have a Bell telephone number.

Step 2: Customize your Internet package  

Internet access   (Learn more)

Download speeds of up to 175 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 30 Mbps.

Download speeds of up to 56 kbps.

Internet access
We offer the following Internet access services:
  • Business Internet: Business Internet is a fast, affordable, always-on connection with download speeds of up to 175 Mbps, upload speeds up to 30 Mbps and a variety of features to choose from.
  • Business Internet Dial: Simple and reliable Internet access that uses your regular phone line. Perfect for accessing a few files on the Internet, especially when on the road. Download speeds of up to 56 kbps. A Welcome kit will be sent to you and will include all you need to install this Internet service on your computer.
  • Business Internet Lite: Internet access designed for remote access to security video cameras or point of sale systems for your business. Download speeds of up to 256 kbps. Please communicate directly with a representative for this type of Internet access.

Contract Length   (Learn more)

Contract Length
Secure a low and predictable price point with a contract. Choose from contract lengths of monthly, 1, 2, 3 or 5 years, all providing a significant discount.

Download speed*   (Learn more)

The regular high speed Internet service. Download speed up to 6 Mbps and upload speed up to 800 Kbps.

Download speed*
Speed at which you can download information from the Internet.

Certain download speeds are only available in specific areas so if you haven't done so please check your eligibility at top of the page.
*Consistent speeds apply only between your modem and Bell's switching equipment. What speeds you experience on the Internet may vary with your technical configuration, Internet traffic, server loads or other factors. Consistent speeds apply only to downloading.

Upload speed   (Learn more)

The standard service upload speed.

Upload speed
Upload speed is the speed at which you can upload information to the Internet.

A download speed must be purchased to get an upload speed, the upload speed cannot be higher than the download speed selection. For example, with a download speed of up to 25 Mbps, you can get an upload speed of 7 or 10 Mbps.

Modem   (Learn more)

Single port modem for one computer.

High speed wireless modem and router.

High Speed wireless modem for our highest speed services

We offer a choice of three modems:
  • Standard modem: Perfect for a single computer
  • 4 Port Wireless Modem: This modem allows you to quickly setup your own local area network so you can connect many computers wirelessly.
  • High Speed wireless modem for our highest speed services

Remote Dial up Access   (Learn more)

No alternative Internet access.

Stay connected with 20 hours of remote dial-up access a month.

Stay connected with 100 hours of remote dial-up access a month.

Stay connected with 744 hours of remote dial-up access a month.

Remote Dial up Access
Remote access gives you an extra connection to the Internet, anywhere in Canada where there is a phone line. Perfect for using as a back-up in the event of network problems, or while you're away from the office. And you can access your account from almost anywhere in the world using the pay-per-use Global Roaming Remote Dial up service.

Number of hours per month   (Learn more)

20 hours of dial-up access a month.

100 hours of dial-up access a month.

Unlimited connection time.

Number of hours per month
Number of hours you can use the Internet during a month.

Support service level agreement   (Learn more)

We will send a Bell technician to your business no later than the next business day on out-of-service issues. Free with this new Internet service.

We will send a Bell technician to your business within 8 hours on out-of-service issues.

Support service level agreement
We offer two levels of support for out-of-service Internet issues:
  • Same day next day with 24 Hours Business Express Assistance*: If you don't have Internet service and we can't correct it from our offices, we'll dispatch a technician to your business no later than the next business day to repair your service.
  • 8 Hours Business Express Assistance*: For quicker resolution, you can get out-of-service Internet issues addressed in 8 business hours. - that's three-times faster than our already fast Business Express Assistance.
*Subject to availability and only available in select regions, when out of service. Same day service when calling before 11 a.m., next day after 11 a.m.; no service on Sundays. Repair charges for each service (where applicable) extra.

Activation   (Learn more)

Install it yourself assisted with a guided technical support call. Be up and running in 2 business days.

Be connected with on-site technician installation. Be up and running in 4 business days.

Get your Internet service up and running in two or four business days. We offer two choices of installation and activation:
  • Rapid Activation with Guided Technical Support Call: Do it yourself with the installation kit that you'll receive within two business days. A Bell technician will call and, if necessary, guide you through the set up. Should you require further help a technician will be sent to get you connected.
  • Regular Activation with On-site Technician Installation: Get a Bell technician to come to your business and quickly set up your Business Internet service four business days after you place your order.

Step 3: Additional features  

Online business tools helping improve productivity, communication and collaboration through business class email, revision management, instant messaging, online meetings, and other collaboration tools. (Learn more)

Microsoft Office365
Office 365 email addresses are setup with the domain "" (e.g., ). If you wish to use a custom domain name "", you can register one with Bell (e.g., "")

Give your business a permanent address on the Web. It allows you to share data with other locations, and host your own Web server and other online devices.

Create an online presence by registering a domain name that allows you to create a Web site (e.g. or personalized email addresses (e.g.

Defend your computers and network with online security made for businesses. Our easy-to-manage service helps protect your computers against the latest Internet threats.


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