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Total Protection

Are your business assets protected? Imagine securing your computers against theft and Internet threats, preventing data loss and having IT support to repair problems or answer "how to" questions. With the Bell Total Protection, we can help you do all of this, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

You can get:

  • Automatic updates that help protect against the latest security threats, such as hackers.
  • Highly customizable administrative controls to manage your security from any browser.
  • Continuous, real-time back up of your company's critical information.
  • Remote tracking of PCs to help protect against theft.
  • 24/7 Canadian-based technical support, including monthly tune-up of PCs, on-site repairs and annual hardware warranty.
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Now only.

For 1 license

Now only.

For 3 licenses

Keep your computers and servers safe automatically with this complete bundle of security features.

With Bell Total Protection, you get:

Help protect your computers, servers and network from constantly evolving online threats. Bell Internet Protect, is a business-class security service powered by McAfee, providing a defence with automatic updates, plus the flexibility to configure it to your organization's security policies.

    Greater protection against intrusions
    This service blocks:
    • Viruses
    • Spyware
    • Adware
    • Trojans
    • Phishing
    • Identity thieves
    • Hackers
    Vulnerability scanning
    Identify potential security risks throughout your network, including:
    • Shopping carts
    • Ports
    • Operating systems
    • Servers
    • Applications
    • Firewalls
    • Addressable switches
    • Load balancers
    • Routers
    Desktop firewall
    Increase protection of your desktops with an integrated firewall that blocks unwanted Internet activity, helping to keep hackers and identity thieves from infiltrating your business.

    Safe online searching and purchasing
    Enabling McAfee SiteAdvisor will help ensure safe Internet usage by displaying colour-coded safety ratings that warn employees about potentially malicious Web sites before they click on URLs.

    Web site blocking and content filtering
    Help improve productivity by configuring policies to filter unwanted content and block access to specific Web sites.

    Email security
    Help reduce email spam and viruses by routing email through McAfee's network operation centre to scan for spam and viruses. It's a great way to reduce the amount of unwanted emails you receive. This feature also allows you to manage the content that can be sent or received via email, and block unwanted senders.

    Note: Your company must have its own domain to use this feature.

    Online administrative controls
    With the Web-based McAfee SecurityCenter dashboard, your administrator can centrally manage:
    • Simple installation and configuration
    • Timing of virus and vulnerability scans
    • Creation of security policies
    This dashboard also allows you to get detailed security information about all computers on your network, including:
    • Vulnerability status
    • Any PCs that have visited sites of concern
    • Applications denied
    • Viruses removed
    • Spyware blocked
    • Spam quarantined
    PCI compliance
    Internet Protect allows you to meet the vulnerability scanning requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard by producing a validation report that you provide to your merchant bank or payment service.

    Don't need Bell Total Protection? You can also purchase Internet Protect, services separately.

    You rely on your computer to help you run your business - don't risk losing files and documents to computer failures or theft. Take the worry out of back up with Bell Data Protect, a simple business-class service that helps you manage and secure your valuable information in two ways.

      Data Backup lets you:
      • Continuously back up documents in real time, even ones you're working on
      • Back up files offline when you are not connected to the Internet
      • Back up multiple versions of files so earlier versions remain accessible
      • Encrypt your files on your computer before they are backed up
      • Protect your data off-site in a 24/7 secure facility
      Virtual Drive lets you:
      • Easily store files on a remote server that you can access from any computer over the Internet
      • Securely share files with your employees and partners rather than sending large email attachments
      Don't need Bell Total Protection? You can also purchase Data Protect services separately.

      You can't afford to lose time and money to computer problems. What's the solution? Instead of doing it yourself, our professional IT support service gives you access to highly skilled specialists. Bell PC Protect will proactively ensure your PCs are at optimal performance, and includes live technical support when you need it, so you can concentrate on running your business.

      24/7 access to technical support
      Contact technical support via phone, online chat or email at any time. Our highly skilled Canadian-based help desk agents can quickly fix your PC problems, including "how to" questions you have about business applications like Microsoft ® Office. It's like having a personal IT department.

      Hardware repairs and warranty
      Receive on-site repairs for hardware issues that we can't solve remotely. If we can't fix the problem, our warranty will cover the cost of replacement parts up to $500 per year, per PC.

      Monthly tune-up and reporting
      We'll run a remote monthly diagnostic of your PC to ensure your operating system and important software are up to date, and that it's running at optimal performance. You will also get a report card on the health of your computer that details what issues have been automatically fixed, and if there are any other problems that need to be addressed.

        The diagnostic includes:
        • System component check
        • Optimization of hard drive, memory, cache and Internet browser
        • Enabling of Windows and Microsoft Office software updates
        • Enabling of Windows Firewall, security and updates
        • Cleanup of Windows registry to remove unused registry entries
        • Disk cleanup and removal of temporary or unnecessary files
        • Disk defragmentation to increase PC performance
        • Review of startup items and recommendations on what to remove
        • Verifying presence of active and current antivirus and spyware software or data backup
        • Complete check of workstation health with tune-up service report
        Theft protection
        Should your computer be stolen, your data will remain safe and recovery attempts will be made to locate your PC.

        Don't need Bell Total Protection? You can also purchase PC Protect services separately.

        (1) Available to existing Business customers with an account in good standing and to new Business customers where access and technology permit in Ontario and Québec. Subscription to Bell Business Internet services is not mandatory for this offer. 30 days advance notice of termination required where not prohibited by law. No service provides absolute protection. Activation fee ($15) extra. Subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer. Taxes extra. No service provides absolute protection. Other conditions apply.

        Package details:

        1 user
          Internet Protect 1 licence
          Data Protect: 1 licence and 25 GB of storage
          PC Protect $500 warranty
        3 user
          Internet Protect 3 licence
          Data Protect: 3 licence and 100 GB of storage
          PC Protect $500 warranty/PC (total of $1,500)
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