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Enhanced Services

You can get:

  • Bell Accelerated Installation
  • Bell Hourly Installation Appointment
  • Bell Business Express Assistance

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Need to get your business phone service* set up quickly? Request our Accelerated Installation service and, depending on the complexity of your order and the time it is placed, Bell can install your services the next day.

Starting at $200

This service is available on:
  • Basic Business phone service
  • Local Link phone service
Wouldn't it be nice to know when your technician is going to arrive to install your business phone service at time that is convenient for you? With this service, you can schedule a convenient one-hour appointment rather than having to wait around for half a day or even a full day for installation.

Starting at $85/order

This service is available on:
  • Basic Business phone service
  • Local Link phone service
Hourly Installation Appointment is available on business phone line orders of between one and 14 lines.
Receive faster repairs on out-of-service issues for your business phone and Internet services. If your service issue, cannot be fixed from Bell's offices, we will dispatch a technician team on the same or next day*.

This service is available on:
  • Business Internet
  • Basic Business phone service
  • Local Link phone service
*Subject to availability and only available in select regions, when out of service. Same day service when calling before 11 a.m., next day after 11 a.m.; no service on Sundays. Repair charges for each service (where applicable) extra.
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