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Canada’s biggest wireless network test put us on top.1

Global Wireless Solutions conducted the biggest test of networks in Canada, ranking Bell #1. When measuring combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage, we outperformed every single national wireless carrier across the board. Compared to the next-largest national provider, Bell gives you 66% more LTE coverage and download speeds that are 42% faster across Canada.1

Up to 1 Gbps

The Bell network. Faster than networks around the world.2

New York, Singapore, Budapest, Melbourne, Sydney, Stockholm, Seoul, Dubai, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Vienna, Milan, Madrid, Zurich, Beijing, Rome, Paris, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro...

335 Mbps

Theoretical Mbps speeds that LTE Advanced can reach up to on each network

Next-generation LTE Advanced network.

On the Bell network, you’ll get faster access to data, download large files faster, watch movies and enjoy next-gen VR with less buffering, and more.

Check out our LTE Advanced coverage

Canada’s largest LTE network.4

We cover over 34 million Canadians. Plus, we’re working to give you access to even faster speeds as we continue to roll out the LTE Advanced network. Bell’s LTE Advanced network already covers over 94% of the Canadian population.

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Coverage map

Introducing Voice
and Video over LTE.

Voice and Video over LTE is the next generation of voice and video calling. Now, with Voice and Video over LTE technology, you can make and receive voice and video calls with improved voice quality, and you can switch between voice and video during calls.

Voice and Video over LTE is available in select areas of Ontario, Québec, Atlantic Canada, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon. It will expand to other regions in the near future.

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Wi-Fi network across Canada.

With over 4,000 hotspots across Canada, Bell is proud to offer all mobile users free Wi-Fi. You can find a Bell hotspot from coast to coast at participating McDonald’s, Chapters Indigo and Tim Hortons.

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A more reliable

Bell connects the vast majority of cell towers with fibre, the best network technology, to give customers a more reliable connection. In addition, our in-building coverage improvements deliver a strong LTE signal. Backed by the latest network infrastructure technology, Bell also gives you access to a network offering the most cell towers connected by fibre.

Bell’s dedicated team of 7,600 network employees are continuously working to optimize our network, all with the shared goal of providing Canadians with the absolute best, most advanced mobile experience.