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Industry solutions

Solutions for Construction

Bell offers industry-specific solutions that improve in-field communications and on-the-job safety, control costs and increase productivity to equip you and your crew for success.

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Instant Communication

Keeping in touch with your team is important to you. With our Push-to-talk service, you can connect instantly to one or all of your team members simultaneously in under a second, no matter where they are currently located. Just as importantly, PTT allows you to stay connected hands free, so you’ll be able to stay on the job to complete the task at hand without ever having to remove your gloves.

Push-to-talk service from Bell helps you:

  • Communicate instantly with one or many devices
  • PTT while you email, text or browse simultaneously
  • Keep in immediate contact with employees and suppliers in Canada and the U.S.
  • Increase worker productivity, efficiency and safety
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Mobile office

When you’re always out in the field, you need to stay connected. Bell offers a range of solutions that will help you get every new job site up and running as efficiently as possible; solutions that help you create your own mobile office, and connect multiple devices – including tablets – anywhere your team happens to be.

With mobile Internet solutions from Bell, you can:

  • Control costs with one hotspot for multiple devices
  • Keep your team working efficiently with faster data speeds on the LTE network
  • Stay in touch with offices across Canada with nationwide coverage
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Workforce management and digital forms

To help you complete projects on time and on budget, replace traditional paper forms with digital forms. You’ll improve accuracy by avoiding duplication, and reduce errors when decoding handwriting on forms used for recording field management, project updates, and inspections. These digital solutions will help you review work schedules (with proof of employee arrivals and departures), save time by avoiding trips to the office, and reduce costs by eliminating form printing.

Workforce management and digital forms give you access to:

  • Wireless forms and signature capture
  • Timesheet and travel tracking
  • Work order tracking
  • Cost savings on papers and supplies