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Rate plans

Single user plans

500 Canada wide minutes

+ Unlimited local evenings (6pm - 7am) & weekends (6pm Friday - 7am Monday)

Plan includes:

  • Call Display and Message Centre2
  • Unlimited Canada wide Text, Picture & Video Messaging3
  • Call Waiting and Conference Calling4

Additional plan information

Current as of March 13, 2018. Available to qualified businesses. Services available with compatible devices, within network coverage areas available from Bell and its partners' network coverage areas where technology permits; see Services subject to acceptable use restrictions including consuming excessive network capacity or causing our network to be adversely affected. See A $35 one-time connection charge applies and will appear on your first bill. A 9-1-1 government monthly fee applies in AB: $0.44/mo, N.B.: $0.53, N.L.: $0.75, N.S.: $0.43, P.E.I.: $0.70. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. If you end your Commitment Period early, a Cancellation Fee applies; see your Service Agreement for details. Subject to change without notice; not combinable with other offers.

(*) Current as of October 25, 2018. With new activation on a 2-year Small Business Premium Smartphone Ultra Plus, Premium Smartphone Plus, Premium Smartphone or Smartphone Share plan on the same account excluding individual plans. Applied as a bill credit in installments over 5 months, starting on the 2nd bill cycle. Credit depends on price of smartphone on a 2-year term: ($300 credit for device priced $250 or more. $250 credit for device priced $200-$249.99. $200 credit for device priced $150-$199.99. $150 credit for device priced $100-$149.99. $100 credit for device priced $50 or more. $50 credit for device priced up to $49.99). A $35 one-time connection charge applies. 9-1-1 government monthly fee in Alta.: $0.44, N.B.: $0.53, N.L.: $0.75, N.S.: $0.43, P.E.I.: $0.70, Sask.: $0.94. Taxes extra.

  1. Supports personal email accounts and HTML & WAP Browsing and tethering. Outlook synchronization, Corporate email integration and other corporate-type solutions not available.
  2. 25, 5-minute messages.
  3. Sent messages include text messages sent to a Canadian phone number while in Canada and excludes text messages sent to a U.S. or International phone number, premium messages, alerts, messages sent with a messaging application and roaming (international GSM, CDMA and U.S. CDMA messages). Received messages include text messages received while in Canada and excludes roaming, premium messages, alerts or dial-up messages received from a messaging application. Out of bundle charges may apply. Data usage charges may apply with select CDMA smartphones to send and receive picture and video messages.
  4. Simultaneous use of airtime for calls.