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The tabs below give you quick access to the terms and conditions governing the use of products and services provided by Bell and your relationship with them.

What is the Bundle Discount?

Under the Program, Bell Canada or its affiliates (together, “Bell” or “we”) offers eligible customers a discount on specific Service Categories (as defined below), provided you have signed up for a certain combination of services.

How much is the Bundle Discount?

The Bundle Discount will remove $3 off your monthly bill per Service Category (as defined below) and $7 for TV, for certain rate plans and features (the “Discountable Services”), up to a maximum of $16 per month ($19 if you enrolled in the Program prior to October 5, 2014). For a complete list of Discountable Services, please visit

As of October 5, 2014, Bell Internet is no longer eligible for Bundle discounts as a Discountable Service (as defined below). This change will not impact customers who enrolled in a Bell Bundle program (the “Program”) involving Bell Internet prior to October 5, 2014, unless they change their Bell Internet plan. The following terms and conditions apply to all Programs, regardless of the date they were entered into.

How do I get the Bundle Discount?

In order to be eligible for the Bundle Discount,

  1. you must continually subscribe to at least any two (2) of the following Bell service categories ("Service Categories"): Home phone (local home phone and/or long distance service), Internet, TV and Mobility (each, an "Eligible Service");
  2. your Mobility service must be a postpaid consumer Bell Mobility rate plan, not a prepaid or business plan;
  3. at least one of your Eligible Services must be a Discountable Service;
  4. the accounts for your Discountable Services must be consolidated under the same billing name and address under Bell's consolidated invoice ("One Bill");
  5. you must comply with the terms and conditions applicable to your Eligible Services; and
  6. all accounts for your Eligible Services must remain in good standing.

If your service is still regulated by the CRTC, you are not required to subscribe to Bell's local home phone service or any other regulated service provided by Bell to receive the Bundle Discount unless the CRTC has allowed us to make such an offer.

Are there any limitations on Bundle Discounts?

Except as otherwise stated in a specific offer, the Bundle Discount will not be applied during any promotions or combined with other offers for a Discountable Service. If your service is still regulated by the CRTC, the Bundle Discount will only be applied in accordance with Bell's applicable tariffs.

Can Bell change the Bundle Discount?

The Program, or any portion of it, including the Bundle Discount may be modified, discontinued or terminated at any time. We will notify you thirty (30) days in advance of any change that affects you. We may notify you of any such change with a SIM message on your One Bill or by any other method which is likely to come to your attention. You agree that Bell is not obligated to provide the Bundle Discount for the duration of any term contract for Eligible Services, including the Discountable Services.

Updated October 26, 2014