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Bell Mobility

Existing customers

Choosing a provider: knowing the facts

Who would you choose?
Bell logo Competitor A Competitor B
Standard monthly rate for an unlimited nationwide plan data1 $70
Total number of cell towers (HSPA+ and LTE)2 Included 8,907 5,715 green checkmark 8,907
Number of live mobile TV channels supported Included 35+ 16 0
Number of corporate owned stores for shopping and service3 Included 7234 251 308

The choice is clear. Just three ways Bell is better.

Get on Canada's largest LTE network.

Canada’s largest LTE network5 covers over 31 million Canadians from coast to coast with access to the world’s fastest mobile network technology.

More about our network

Over 120 live and on demand channels on the go.

With the Bell TV app, you can get access to over 120 channels right on your phone, on the go, only from Bell. From sports and news to entertainment and kids' programming, you can watch your favourite shows, wherever you are.6

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Smart Tips

Bell Smart Tips are simple tips that help you get the most out of your smartphone. See Smart Tips.

Trade in

Trade in your phone or tablet and get up to $250 towards a new one.

Trade in logo

Bring your current phone or tablet to a participating Bell store, and we’ll give you its trade-in value towards your next device or accessory.

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