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Webtech Wireless

Ensure your fleet is safer and more efficient with Webtech Wireless.

How Webtech Wireless works:

Webtech Wireless is an end-to-end fleet management solution that enables companies to easily track a fleet of vehicles and accurately measure productivity on a single web based platform.

Webtech Wireless solutions:

Fleet monitoring

A solution that lets you gain visibility into vehicle activities - where, when and what they are doing. Plus, you can:

  • Communicate easily with drivers using satellite positioning and cellular communications
  • Optimize fleet performance by monitoring speed, time spent idling and fuel consumption
  • Proactively diagnose issues and schedule repairs, plus analyze vehicle operation and performance
  • Improve customer service and ensure shipments are delivered on-time

Trailer and asset tracking

A solution that helps protect your business with real-time tracking tools that let you:

  • Safeguard your assets by automatically detecting unauthorized movement and tracking trailers in real-time
  • Get real-time notifications when unauthorized activities occur

Temperature monitoring

Protect your product and your business with temperature monitoring solutions to help you:

  • Prevent spoilage of food and cargo by controlling temperature thresholds with sensors that allow you to monitor different zones at one time
  • Get temperature change notifications to ensure food quality is maintained
  • Lower risk by proving recorded temperatures after the fact, protecting your company in case of a discrepancy

Automated hours of service (HOS) and transportation

Eliminate paper logs and meet government regulations by monitoring HOS with an electronic onboard recorder. Plus:

  • Automatically generate fuel-tax reports and the number of miles driven
  • Improve regulatory compliance by providing drivers with access to two-way communication, the ability to transmit electronic forms and HOS reporting in real-time