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Google Pixel 8 Pro

Available in: 128 GB
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Why choose Bell for your new Google Pixel.

The fastest 5G network for Google Pixel.

Save up to $700 when you trade in.
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How to get your trade-in credit

  • Online: if you’ve purchased a new phone or upgraded your phone online, you can trade in your old phone online. Once we establish the trade-in value, we’ll apply a bill credit to your Bell Mobility account.
  • In store: trade in your phone, tablet or watch and use the credit to lower your monthly device payments.

The value displayed does not reflect special offers shown above. The trade-in amount will depend on the condition of your device, including whether:

  • the device powers on
  • the keypad and/or touchscreen are functional
  • the screen and/or body are cracked
  • there are signs of liquid damage
  • the battery and battery cover are included
google logo
google pixel 8 pro google pixel 8 google pixel 7a
6.7" Super Actua display,1
up to 120Hz2
6.2" Actua,1
up to 120Hz2
6.1" FHD+,1
Up to 90Hz2
Camera hardware

Front camera3

Rear video

Rear ultrawide lens

Rear wide lens

Rear telephoto lens with optical zoom

10.5 MP with autofocus

4K, plus Video Boost

48 MP with upgraded auto-focus

50 MP

48 MP (5x optical zoom)
10.5 MP


12 MP with auto-focus

50 MP
13 MP


13 MP

64 MP
Camera features

Super Res Zoom2

Photo Unblur

Magic Eraser4

Macro Focus

Pro controls5

up to 30x

up to 8x

up to 8x

G3 G3 G2
IP68 IP68 IP67

Device memory capacity options:

  • 128 GB
What is device memory capacity?

The device's memory capacity determines how much data it can hold. The bigger the memory, the more data it will be able to store.

What is data?

Data is everything your phone needs to download and store in order for you to be able to consume it. Think of it as individual bits of information that take a certain amount of space on your device. It can be in the form of music, videos, images or text just to name a few.

How much memory do I need?

Have a look at the data usage examples below in order to help you determine the amount of memory you will need.

Data usage examples:
200 images about 1 GB
1,000 images about 5 GB
5,000 images about 30 GB
1 hour about 2.5 GB
2 hours about 5 GB
3 hours about 20 GB
200 songs about 1 GB
1,000 songs about 5 GB
5,000 songs about 30 GB
5-10 apps about 1 GB
10-25 apps about 10 GB
50+ apps about 20 GB+
2 movies about 5 GB
10 movies about 30 GB
30+ movies about 100 GB+