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Bell Calling Card


With a Bell Calling Card, you'll save on long distance calls while travelling in Canada, the U.S. and overseas because you get the calling card rate included with your Bell long distance plan.

Find out how easy it is to use your Bell Calling Card.

TO ORDER, CALL 1 800 668-6878

Family Contact Card


Pick up the tab for long distance calls from friends and family by giving them a Family Contact Card. When they call you using the card you've given them, you'll enjoy the conversation and the great rates from your Bell long distance plan

Find out how easy it is to use your Family Contact Card.

TO ORDER, CALL 1 800 668-6878

Prepaid cards

Perfect for people on the go. Keep a prepaid card on hand for local and long distance calling from any phone, anywhere.

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Enjoy unlimited long distance calling in Ontario

For one low monthly price, you can call those close to you anywhere in Ontario without having to keep track of your minutes.

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