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Calling Cards

Existing customers

Calling Cards (2 items)

Bell Calling Card

The most convenient way to stay in touch.

Details about the Bell Calling Card

Family Contact Card

Let friends and family call you from almost anywhere and you pick up the charges.

Details about the Family Contact Card

To order

Call us at
1 800 668-6878

Prepaid cards

Perfect for people on the go. Keep a prepaid card on hand for local and long distance calling from any phone, anywhere.

Learn more about Prepaid cards

Moving soon?

Bell Bundles make you want to move. Notify us of your upcoming move to ensure your services will be installed when you need them.

Move my home services with Bell
Bell Home phone: Switch to Bell

Enjoy unlimited long distance calling in Ontario

For one low monthly price, you can call those close to you anywhere in Ontario without having to keep track of your minutes

Learn more

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