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Home phone

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Care plans


You never notice your telephone wiring - until there's a problem. Protect yourself from repair costs with the WireCare maintenance plan.

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$6.95 /mo.


What would you do if your phone stopped working? With the PhoneCare plan, you won't have to worry about repair or replacement costs for your phone or accessories.

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$6.95 /mo.


Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’ll have quick repair or replacement if your Satellite TV service stops working.

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$6.95 /mo.

Why choose Bell Home phone?

Why choose bell

Bell Home phone is the most reliable phone service1. It offers great sound quality, is compatible with any alarm system and provides reliable connections to 9-1-1 and emergency services.

Moving soon?

Bell Home Phone: Schedule your move

Bell Bundles make you want to move. Notify us of your upcoming move to ensure your services will be installed when you need them.

Move my home services with Bell

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