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Home phone

Long distance

Existing customers

Long distance rates

Ontario and Quebec basic long distance rates

The table below describes the basic long distance rates for calls in Ontario and Quebec based on distance in miles between callers (local calls not impacted). For your best option, subscribe to one of our great long distance plans.

Calling distance (miles)New peak rates (per minute)New off-peak rates (per minute)
0 to 10 $0.13 $0.10
11 to 22 $0.44 $0.30
23 to 40 $0.61 $0.43
41 to 80 $0.77 $0.55
81+ $0.91 $0.66

View/Hide peak and off peak hours

Peak and off peak hours

RatesPeak (base rates)Off peak (15% off)

Mon - Fri

8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

6 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Sat & Sun


24 hours

Why choose Bell Home phone?

Why choose bell

Bell Home phone is the most reliable phone service1. It offers great sound quality, is compatible with any alarm system and provides reliable connections to 9-1-1 and emergency services.

Moving soon?

Bell Home Phone: Schedule your move

Bell Bundles make you want to move. Notify us of your upcoming move to ensure your services will be installed when you need them.

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