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Home phone
Existing customers
Home phone Lite

Home phone Lite

Enjoy the most reliable home phone1 service, which offers:

  • Great sound quality.
  • Compatible with any alarm system.
  • Reliable connections to 9-1-1 and emergency services.


  • Unlimited local calling.
  • One calling feature free for three months2.

Full pricing details
Offer and pricing details
Home phone Lite $36.80 /mo.
911 $0.15 /mo.
Activation fee $49.95
1 optional feature(free for 3 months)2 $0.00

Available to residential customers in Ontario, where access and technology permit. Not available where CRTC-regulated. Service area charge may apply; see bell.ca/serviceareacharge. One-time activation fee (up to $49.95 per line) applies to new or moving customers. Installation includes one jack at the service entry point where none present; installation fee is $75 for the 1st additional jack, $50 for every subsequent jack. For certain offers, customer must select e-bill and create MyBell profile. See bell.ca/paperbillfee to learn more. Subject to change without notice, not combinable with any other offers. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. By default Canada and U.S. long distance is 40¢/min. and $2.95 network charge applies on first call.

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Your Bell TV solution

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If you are not currently subscribed to Bell TV, you will be able to add an Internet connectivity device after you select your programming package and hardware.


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More ways to order

Call us at
1 800 668-6878

Available calling features

During checkout, you can add any calling feature from our complete lineup below.

Know who’s calling

  • Call Display
    See who's calling before you decide to answer.
  • Ident-A-Call
    Have another number for your existing phone line with its own distinctive ring.
  • Visual Call Waiting
    When you're on the phone, see who's calling and decide which call to answer. Includes Call Waiting and Call Display.

Never miss a call

  • Call Answer
    Lets callers leave you voicemail even when you're on the phone.
  • Call Answer Message Manager
    Have up to three additional private voicemail boxes as part of your Call Answer service, plus many other enhancements.
  • Online Voice Mail*
    Retrieve your voice messages online, as well as from any phone.
  • Online Voice Mail with Extensions*
    Allows up to four family members their own private and separate voicemail inboxes. Also lets them retrieve voice messages online and from a phone.
  • Call Forwarding
    Forward incoming calls to any other number.
  • Call Waiting
    When you're on the phone, be notified of an incoming call and be able to switch between calls.
  • Last Call Return
    Hear the last number to call your home and have the option to call it. Also, you can be notified when a busy line you’re calling becomes free.

Control your calls

  • Call Privacy
    Callers with a private or unknown phone number will be asked to identify themselves before the call is allowed to go through. Requires Call Display.
  • Call Control
    Control the calls being made from your home, such as long distance calls and calls to specific local numbers.
  • Voice Dialing
    Call your contacts without having to dial their phone number. Simply say the name of the person you want to call.
  • Three-Way Calling
    Have a three-way conversation with people in different places, or put one call on hold and go back to it after making a second call.
  • Call Screen
    Redirect 12 phone numbers to a recording that tells callers you aren't taking calls at this time. Included with Call Privacy.
* Additional monthly fees may apply to Online Voice Mail and Online Voice Mail with Extensions.