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Expected download speeds: (theoretical peak download speeds may vary):

LTE Advanced: average 15-60 Mbps

4G LTE: average 12-40 Mbps


  • DC-HSPA+: average 7-14 Mbps
  • HSPA+: average 3.5-8 Mbps
  • HSPA: up to 1.5 Mbps

Due to a change in our CDMA/EVDO coverage, you may notice slower data speeds in British Columbia. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba starting October 1, 2014. Visit bell.ca/cdmanetwork for details.

Due to technology limitations, Prepaid HSPA service will not be available in certain areas of Nunavut, namely: Cambridge Bay, Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit.

HSPA Extended (EXT): Available to Bell customers with compatible devices for limited and occasional use. Usage within extended coverage is billed as part of your current plan. Just like travelling outside your local area on the Bell network, long distance charges apply to incoming calls received while within extended coverage. For outgoing calls, long distance applies if the number called is outside the local calling area of where the call is placed. Long distance charges do not apply if your rate plan or bundle includes Canadian long distance/nationwide calling/Fab feature. Data speeds will be slower and certain services are not available or limited, including Push-to-talk, Bell Mobile TV and other video applications. Usage is subject to Bell's Responsible Use of Services policy restrictions; see bell.ca/responsibleuse. Other conditions apply. For important details see bell.ca/extendedcoverage.

Travelling outside of Canada?

Check roaming coverage and rates. Plus, get tips for travelling with your phone. Learn more.