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Upgrade to the world’s
fastest Internet technology.

Yes, I want my property to be ready for tomorrow's technology.

With your agreement, we'll complete the work to bring fibre directly to your property while we are in your area.


Ensure you have access to the latest Internet technology.

With the growing number of devices connected to Wi-Fi in our homes and workplaces, it’s more important than ever to have access to a network that can keep up. By continually improving and expanding our network, we ensure you’re ready for the advancements of tomorrow.

We'll take care of everything.

There are two ways to bring Fibe Internet to your property. The letter you received identifies which one applies to you.

Above ground

We’ll bring fibre optic cable overhead from a nearby utility pole and attach a small coil of wire to the side of your building. We may also have to trim some tree branches.

Below ground

We’ll create a shallow path, run the fibre optic cable to the side of your building and attach a discreet coil of wire. We may also have to dig a shallow space, approximately 12 inches wide by 48 inches long, to install a pipe on the outside of your building or expand the width of an existing gap in the concrete or asphalt.

Once complete, we’ll return your property to how it was. Bell will only be responsible for claims where work has not been completed as described above.

* Diagrams above illustrate one possible property configuration. Path taken will depend on your property’s unique configuration.

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