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Mobile Accessibility app

Introducing the Mobile Accessibility app.

Complimentary for all Bell Mobility customers with an Android device.
Mobile Accessibility app
What is the Mobile Accessibility app?

Mobile Accessibility is a screen reader app specifically designed to assist low vision and blind users who have an Android™ device. The app will help you get the most out of your smartphone - make calls, reply to emails, send texts and much more with ease. Best of all, it's free of charge for all Bell Mobility customers with an Android device.

Mobile Accessibility app
How does it work?

The Mobile Accessibility app reads back what you select on screen, allowing you to navigate quickly and efficiently. You can also customize the way you interact with the app, whether using touch, voice, keyboard or even Braille.

Mobile Accessibility app
What can you do with the Mobile Accessibility app?

The Mobile Accessibility app has a variety of smartphone features including phone, text messaging, music player, email and browser. In addition, the app's GPS feature lets you know your exact location simply by tapping the screen. It also allows you to customize certain settings like notifications, talkback speed and pitch for complete personalization.

Mobile Accessibility app
How much does the Mobile Accessibility app cost?

Bell customers with an Android device get the Mobile Accessibility app free of charge (retail value approximately $100). Data charges will apply if you download the app outside of a Wi-Fi area.

*Mobile Accessibility is compatible with Android devices running Android 2.1 and higher with an active Bell SIM card.

Get the Mobile Accessibility app here
How do I get the Mobile Accessibility app?

Simply download the app from the Google Play™ Store and start getting the most from your device.

Having trouble downloading the app? Access a simple tutorial on how to download and install the application. Please note the aid of a sighted person may be required for the initial download.