Bell Install program


Quick and convenient

Whether you chose professional install or self-install, both options will ensure that you are set up in a fast, convenient and safe manner, and that your Bell services are performing at their very best.

Professional install

Our technicians will do all the work required both outside and inside your home. Your services will be set up and working at their best before our technician leaves.


Set up your Bell services in a fast, convenient and safe manner. Everything you need will be delivered to your door with easy instructions to get your services connected.

How to prepare

  • Please ensure you can be home for the duration of your appointment.
  • If you are unable to be home, please ensure someone 18 years of age or over can be present during the installation.
  • Your installation may start at any time during the scheduled appointment window, and may last for four to six hours. The technician may need more time for more complex installations.
  • Our technicians will practice proper sanitation and social distancing measures. We ask that you please do the same.
  • If you already have Bell Internet, please have the password for your wireless home network on hand.

Fiber Connections

Fibre jack

Can be located anywhere throughout your home and may feature a Bell logo.

Optical Network Terminal

Typically located in the basement, near the electrical panel, or in a closet for apartments/condos.