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Developer program

Developer program

Bell Accessibility developer program

Helping make websites and mobile applications accessible for all.

The Bell Accessibility developer program provides developers with resources, support and APIs to develop and test applications for end users with accessibility needs. The program supports innovation in applications that are accessible for all and encourages developers to use accessibility best practices and standards in their design.

Accessibility APIs

Web browsers use accessibility APIs (provided by the underlying operating system) that expose useful information for assistive technologies. Assistive technologies mostly use semantic information, so it doesn't include elements like styling information or JavaScript. This information is structured as an accessibility tree.

Different operating systems have different accessibility APIs available:

  • Windows: MSAA/IAccessible, UIAExpress, IAccessible2
  • macOS: NSAccessibility
  • Linux: AT-SPI
  • Android: Accessibility framework
  • iOS: UIAccessibility

Accessibility programs for developers