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Video Relay Service

Video Relay Service

Video Relay Service

Video Relay Service (VRS) is a free service provided by Canada VRS. While it is not provided by Bell, it is available to customers on Bell’s network. VRS helps people who use sign language to communicate with voice telephone users. VRS callers are connected by video with a sign language interpreter who provides real time interpretation for telephone calls.

If you are Deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired and use sign language to communicate, and if you live in Canada, then you are eligible to use VRS. 

VRS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Bell Mobility customers using VRS on a mobile network within Canada will not be charged for data associated with using VRS, whether using VRS on a mobile device or through a Turbo Hub.

For complete and up to date information about VRS, please visit Canada VRS.

Sign language users can access VRS through an app on their computer, tablet or smartphone using a high-speed Internet connection. When they place their call, an interpreter appears on the device’s screen. The operator then places a voice telephone call and relays the conversation.

The sign language user can sign to the interpreter, who speaks the message to the recipient. When the recipient responds, the interpreter relays the message back in ASL or LSQ.

When a registered Canada VRS user calls another registered Canada VRS user, the system automatically connects them directly without involving a sign language interpreter.

To use VRS, you must register for the service and install the app on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

  1. Visit Canada VRS’s Register page and follow the instructions.
  2. Canada VRS will provide you with a 10-digit phone number. Start using this number to make and receive Canada VRS calls.

There are 9-1-1 limitations associated with VRS. Please see the Canada VRS website for important information about these limitations and how VRS works with 9-1-1.

For support and assistance in using VRS, please contact Canada VRS directly.

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