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Carbon Monoxide, Smoke and Flood detector


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Motion detector

A motion detector increases security by detecting motion when the system is armed in away mode.


Door/window contact

This sensor sends an alert to the security panel when a door or window is opened.

$29.00 /each

Smoke and heat detector

This detector emits an audible and visual alarm, alerts the monitoring centre and sends a notification through the mobile app when it detects smoke or excessive heat.


Outdoor siren

An outdoor siren offers additional audible alerts for intrusion and fire.


Indoor siren

A secondary indoor siren offers additional audible alerts for intrusion and fire.


Outdoor door/window sensor

Provides exceptional outdoor protection of windows, gates and doors. It functions in
cold-weather climates.


Shock sensor

Perimeter protection for businesses and homes that provides early warning of attempted intrusion by sensing forced entry. It detects the shock created by the movement or the shaking of the device on which it sits.


External probe for temperature sensor

This probe wires into the temperature sensor and lets you monitor a refrigerator, a freezer and outdoor temperatures.


Carbon monoxide detector

This detector emits an audible alarm, alerts the monitoring centre and sends a notification through the mobile app when it detects an excessive level of carbon monoxide.


Flood sensor

Installed in the basement, this device triggers a mobile app alert and notifies the monitoring centre upon detection of water.


Glass break sensor

This device monitors windows or doors and when it detects glass breaking, it alerts you via the mobile app and notifies the monitoring centre.


Temperature sensor

This device can be programmed to detect an increase or decrease in temperature. When detected, it triggers an alarm.


Easy installation

  • A quote is provided over the phone and the professional installation of your services can be scheduled in a convenient and safe manner.
  • Already have a security system? In most cases, we can use your existing equipment, making the installation easy.1
Available to new Bell Smart Home residential customers in select dwellings in Ontario and Québec, where access and technology permit. Taxes extra and other conditions apply. Subject to change without notice. Device images are for illustrative purposes only, appearance and availability may vary. For full functionality, some devices, such as cameras, require a reliable high-speed home Wi-Fi connection with a minimum upload speed of 1 Mega bytes per second . Use of video features will count towards your monthly Internet usage. Other services, such as remote access, mobile app and alert notifications, require a compatible device with a reliable high-speed Internet or mobile network connection. These devices, Internet and mobile connections are not included. Standard message and data rates will apply to all text alert notifications and remote access over Internet or mobile networks.