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We offer two different categories of devices

Browse our various devices. Some can be added to our packages as part of a customized solution that is professionally monitored and installed while others are everyday home automation devices that you manage independently and don’t require a monthly subscription.

Smart light bulb
Smart light bulb
You can control this fully dimmable smart light bulb from the mobile app. The bulb provides soft-white illumination that is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb.
Lamp dimmer
Lamp dimmer
The plug-in lamp module allows you to control a connected dimmable lamp using the mobile app.
Lamp dimmer/Appliance module
Appliance module
Turn an electronic device on and off from anywhere using the mobile app.
Remote garage door controller
Remote garage door controller
Open or close your garage door remotely through the mobile app. The device is compatible with virtually any automatic garage door opener connected to a sectional garage door.
Remote key fob
Remote key fob
This personal device can remotely arm or disarm the system and trigger a panic alert at the push of a button.
Panic button remote
Panic button
When pushed, this button will send a panic alert to the monitoring centre.
Indoor siren
A secondary indoor siren that offers additional audible alerts for intrusion and fire.

A quote is provided over the phone and the professional installation of your services can be scheduled immediately.

Installation is quick and easy with our wireless technology. In most cases, we can also upgrade your existing equipment with our latest smart home features.1

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