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How your participation in Bell’s new online marketing program will help reduce random and frequently irrelevant advertising while protecting your privacy

Advertising is a reality in today’s online world, and people are finding that they receive ads that are irrelevant to them. With its new online marketing program, Bell will work to ensure that the ads you do receive online may be more relevant to you, rather than the random ads you may currently receive. In other words, you won’t see more ads online, just ads better suited to you.

If you participate, Bell will be able to customize advertising based on your usage patterns, similar to the ways that companies like Google and others have been doing for some time. We may sometimes use an individual’s detailed URL and location info for marketing purposes and/or to limit the number of irrelevant ads a user might see. If you agree, Bell will collect information based on your browsing patterns, location information, the account information you provided when you obtained services from us and information on how you use our services for marketing purposes. Learn more.

This will provide a number of benefits to you including the following:

  1. We can help make the online ads you do see, and online offers and discounts you are presented with, more relevant to you. This could also provide savings and value to you. Note that our marketing partners will not receive your details or personal information; we just deliver the offers you receive on their behalf. See example
  2. We can use specific mobile device location to market Bell products and services that are better suited to your needs This information helps us create more relevant and better value offers for you. See example

Remember, you can change your mind about participating in Bell’s new online marketing program logging in to MyBell. Participation is not a condition of service from Bell.

Rest assured, your privacy is an important priority for us. That is why we do not ever disclose your personal information to 3rd parties to market their products and services without your further express consent.

To modify your online marketing preferences, go to the “My Profile” section of MyBell. Login to MyBell.

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