Discover what Bell Connected Car can do for you and your family.

Family safety

Location tracking

Know where your car is at all times.


Receive an alert if your car leaves a designated area.

Vehicle safety

Do not disturb mode

Reduce distracted driving by silencing your phone.

Driving notifications

See driving patterns such as speeding and braking.

Engine diagnostics

Get notified if something is wrong with your car.

Fuel level

Check the fuel level of your car.

On-the-go connectivity

Wi-Fi hotspot

Connect up to five devices with an in-car hotspot on Canada’s best national network.


Trip tracking

Track and export your mileage information.


Bell Connected Car

One-time hardware cost


with 2-year term


no term


Monthly Plan

Add Bell Connected Car to your existing Share plan and use your Share plan data to enjoy all the features of Bell Connected Car.4


with 2-year term


no term

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A one-time connection charge applies on your first bill.

Is your car compatible?

Most cars that are model year 1996 or newer have a port that the device plugs into. See if your car is compatible by providing the details below.

Bell Connected Car is a solution that lets you monitor driving activity, receive car performance alerts and enjoy in-car Wi-Fi for up to five devices. The Bell Connected Car app tracks things like your car’s location and your driving habits. It also provides engine diagnostics so you can track the health of your vehicle.

Bell Connected Car requires three components: the ZTE OBD-II device (which plugs directly into your car), the Bell Connected Car app (powered by Mojio) and a monthly Connected Car rate plan.

View the Bell Connected Car terms of service

Bell Connected Car works with most gasoline and diesel engine cars manufactured for use since 1996. It is not compatible with most electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Some diesel cars may not provide complete and accurate fuel efficiency data.

To see if your car is compatible, visit

  1. Visit a Bell store. You will need to purchase a ZTE OBD-II device and subscribe to a Connected Car plan.
  2. Insert the Bell SIM card into the ZTE OBD-II device (if your sales rep has not already done so).
  3. Download the Bell Connected Car app and then follow our detailed Quick Start Guide to complete setup. The Quick Start Guide is also included in the device box. Make sure your car is turned off completely when plugging in or removing the ZTE OBD-II device. You are responsible for ensuring that the device is installed securely and properly.

Reminder: before you purchase Bell Connected Car, please make sure your car is compatible. To check compatibility, visit Do not install the device if your car is not compatible.

The on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port is a socket that the ZTE OBD-II device plugs into. You can usually find it beneath the driver’s side dashboard near the steering wheel. Check your car’s user manual if you have trouble finding it. It’s the same port that mechanics use to diagnose car trouble and engine problems.

Tip: our compatibility checker tool at can also help you locate the OBD-II port in your car.

The ZTE OBD-II device goes into sleep mode when your car is not being used. When the device is in sleep mode, it does not draw power from your car battery. If you access the app on your phone when your car is turned off, the OBD-II device will wake up to access information about your car; this draws some power from your car battery.

If you park your car for a long period of time (e.g., several weeks), you should unplug the device to conserve battery power. Make sure your car is turned off completely when removing the ZTE OBD-II device.

Yes, you are able to roam in the U.S. while using Bell Connected Car. The U.S. data roaming feature is built into your Connected Car plan and you will be billed $6/day every day you roam with the device. The Connected Car U.S. data roaming feature allows you to use your Share plan data while travelling. For more information on the roaming fees for Connected Car, go to

Important note: as of December 7, 2018, the rate for U.S. data roaming will increase from $6 to $8 per day.


  • You will only be charged for a maximum of 20 days roaming per Connected Car device within the same billing period.
  • Valid each day until 11:59 p.m. ET

If you don’t want to incur Connected Car roaming charges while travelling, you need to unplug the device from your OBD-II port. Make sure your car is turned off completely when removing the ZTE OBD-II device. You can also block roaming on your account by calling 1 800 667-0123 (or dial *611 from any Bell mobile phone).

Yes, if your family owns multiple compatible cars, you can use the same device in more than one car. If you move the device from one car to another, it will only be able to track information about the car to which it’s connected. To track two cars simultaneously, you will need two separate ZTE OBD-II devices.

Note: make sure your car is turned off completely when plugging in or removing the ZTE OBD-II device. You are responsible for ensuring that the device is installed securely and properly.

Your car’s Wi-Fi hotspot works just like your home’s Wi-Fi network. It has a default network name and password that you can find on the device and the glovebox card (included in the device box). Only people who know the password will be able to connect.

You can change the Wi-Fi network name and password from the Bell Connected Car app. To change the Wi-Fi settings, the vehicle’s engine must be turned on. If you change the network name and/or password, your connected devices will need to reconnect using the new settings.

Your Wi-Fi hotspot uses data from your smartphone Share plan. You can connect up to five Wi-Fi-capable devices to the hotspot, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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