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Data usage calculator

Select how frequently you use data for each activity below and we’ll estimate how much data you need for your monthly plan. For a better estimation of multiple users' data needs, please enter the average usage of the group’s members in each of the fields below.


Number of different pages viewed on the web


Time spent streaming videos on the Internet (YouTube HD Quality)

App usage

Time spent using your favourite apps (including social media and gaming)

Music streaming

Time spent streaming music on the Internet (including Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud)


Number of emails you send and receive (without attachments)

GPS navigation

Number of trips for which you use your GPS navigation system

How many users are going to share this data plan?

Important information about data usage:

The data amounts displayed and suggested usage per unit are estimates only. The size of apps, songs, web pages and e-mails may vary widely. Streaming video in HD may also generate increased usage. Actual data usage will vary depending on the specific content viewed or downloaded, your device type and other factors.

The following activities also require data usage from your Bell Mobility service. However, they are not included in the estimate provided by the data calculator:

Tethering: Sharing your mobile data connection with a computer via USB cable

Wi-Fi hotspot: Sharing your mobile data connection with other devices via Wi-Fi

These activities can use large amounts of data. Additional charges will apply if you exceed the amount of data included in your rate plan and/or data feature.

No data is used from your Bell Mobility service if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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