Family Data Sharing

Get started
Add a family member or device to your current plan for as little as $45/ month to start sharing data and saving today. You can share with family members or devices.

Add a tablet

Whether you buy a tablet from Bell or bring your own, you can share the data from your Share plan with your tablet.

From $1000 per month

Bring your own phone or buy one at full price

Perfect if you already have a phone or if you want to buy your phone outright.

$5500 per month

Add a Smartphone on a Smartphone plan

Smartphones are mid-tier phones and previous-generation Premium Smartphones.

$6000per month

Add a Premium Smartphone on a Premium Smartphone plan

Get a Premium Smartphone and pay less for your monthly plan. Requires a minimum of 1 GB of data on the account.

$7000 per month

Add a Premium Smartphone on a Premium Smartphone Plus plan

Get a Premium Smartphone and pay less for your phone upfront. Requires a minimum of 1 GB of data on the account.

$8000 per month

Add a smartwatch on a Smartwatch plan

Get wireless access for your smartwatch. Available on shareable and non-shareable plans.

Bonus: get your first month free.*

A Smartwatch plan can be activated directly from your Apple Watch. Simply follow the on-screen instructions when you first pair your Apple Watch with your phone.

$1000 per month

Current as of February 18, 2018. Available with compatible devices, within network coverage areas available from Bell Mobility and its partners' network coverage areas where technology permits. Services subject to acceptable use restrictions including consuming excessive network capacity or causing our network to be adversely affected. See Long distance and roaming charges (including foreign taxes) may apply outside your local area. Airtime charges (and long distance charges, if applicable) apply (a) for calls made, from the time you press "Send" until you press "End" or otherwise disconnect your call; and (b) for calls you receive, from the moment the calling party initiates the call, including ring time, until you press "End" or otherwise disconnect the call. Data charges apply if you do not subscribe to a data plan or Mobile Browser; fees may apply for applications, features, content and roaming when outside your local area. Upon early termination, price adjustment charges apply; see your Service Agreement for details. The data feature you select for your account at time of activation or upgrade is price protected for the length of your commitment period. Subject to change without notice; not combinable with other offers. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply.

A provincial government 9-1-1 fee may apply where applicable: NL: $0.75/mo, SK: $0.62/mo, NS: $0.43/mo, PEI: $0.70/mo, NB: $0.53/mo, AB: $0.44/mo, QC $0.46/mo; Bell remits required amount to government.

+ Available to existing Bell Mobility customers with new activation or hardware upgrade on additional line (excluding Business, Tablet and Mobile Internet plans). Bonus 2 GB offer can only be applied to one additional line per account. Cannot be combined with other offers.

(*) Current as of September 13, 2018. With new activation on a Smartwatch rate plan. Applied as a credit to the rate plan. Then regular rate applies thereafter.

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